Student Organization Communication and Publicity Resources

Do you want to recruit members, promote your meetings or events, and raise awareness about your organization on campus? Of course you do, so we have a few recommendations!

  1. Add your events, including meetings, to the MSU and COB website calendars:
    • This is how the University publicizes events to the community via various media channels
    • This is how The Standard (MSU student newspaper) knows about your event to add it to the weekly issue's events/calendar section
    • How-to instructions for the calendar
  2. Create a slide for Glass Hall Monitors:
  3. Tweet @MOStateCOB to see your tweet on the Glass Hall Monitors
    • Use the @MOStateCOB to appear on the monitors
    • Use relevant hashtags # for your organization's events or University events e.g., #MOStateCOB, #MOStateCOBCareerFair, #GoMaroon, #FollowYourPassion, #FindYourPlace
    • Make sure your members are following @MOStateCOB
  4. Make sure your members are following us on Facebook
    • Have members tag images or posts related to your organization on our page, and make comments to promote your organization to all of our followers