Student Organization Communication and Publicity Resources

Do you want to recruit members, promote your meetings or events, and raise awareness about your organization on campus? Of course you do, so we have a few recommendations!

  • Add your events, including meetings, to the MSU and COB website calendars:
    • This is how the university publicizes events to the community via various media channels
    • This is how The Standard (MSU student newspaper) knows about your event to add it to the weekly issue's events/calendar section
    • How-to instructions for the calendar
  • Tweet @MOStateCOB
    • Use the @MOStateCOB to share your content with our followers and increase your audience
    • Use relevant hashtags # for your organization's events or university events e.g., #TodaysGlassHall, #BizBears, #Open4Biz, #BearGrads, etc.
    • Make sure your members are following @MOStateCOB
  • Make sure your members are following us on Facebook
    • Have members tag images or posts related to your organization on our page, and make comments to promote your organization to all of our followers
  • Create a flyer or advertisement for Glass Hall Digital Displays
    • Follow general guidelines below

General guidelines for digital displays

There are 31 digital displays throughout the building. Small groups of screens run the same content in different areas of the building. Below is how your content will be distributed among the groups of screens/areas of the building. Different types of content are placed in different areas of the building to maximize exposure to your target audience.

Where can my content be seen?

  • Elevators - there are 11 total displays in this group. 8 are near the elevator banks on each floor and 3 are located in first floor hallways. These displays all run the same content at the same time.
    • Types of content shown for this group:
      • Meetings or events that are open to any COB students (i.e. recruitment events for new members)
      • Meetings or events that feature a guest speaker or special presentation that are open to any COB student (members and non-members of your organization)
      • Fundraisers
      • Accomplishments and awards
      • Videos promoting any of the above
      • *Make sure your flyer indicates that the event is "open to non-members"
  • COB Student organization displays - there are two displays dedicated to COB student organization information only. They are located on the first floor in the south hallway near the center exterior entrance, and the north hallway near the Cafe and vending area.
    • Types of content shown for this group:
      • Schedule of regular meetings for the month/semester or individual listings (these can be members only meetings)
      • Branding and awareness ads - photos and ads to promote recruitment of new members, or to help others understand what your organization is all about.
      • Photos - photos with captions describing what is happening in the photo (i.e. EMA members at the 2017 Super Bowl, or Beta Alpha Psi members volunteering at Convoy of Hope). This is a great place to repurpose any social media content you may have.
      • Accomplishments and awards
      • Videos promoting your organization, an event, or accomplishment
  • Video Wall - the video wall in the atrium is 40 feet long and 8 feet tall.
    • Types of content shown:
      • Large scale accomplishments - regional and national competition photos, video etc.
      • Large scale events - are you inviting a major speaker to campus? Events must be open to all COB students (members and non-members of your group)
      • Large scale fundraising events - for example the Hope on Wheels Car Show sponsored by Marketing Club
  • Academic Department displays - each academic department has a display inside the main office facing the hallway.
    • Types of content shown:
      • Anything listed above that may be shown on other displays within Glass Hall.
      • Each department maintains control of their own display and therefore, discretion for content that will be shown. For content details and the contact information for posting, visit your department and speak with the Administrative Assistant.

Creative guidelines

There are several different formats that will work with the screens.

What is the best format for my content?

  • Still Images
    • Landscape/horizontal layout-all screens are horizontal and all creative content should be as well.
    • Jpegs and PNG files are required
    • Power Point and Word are great tools to start with before saving as Jpeg or PNG
    • If you have design experience you may use other more advanced software.
    • Keep in mind the professional nature of your organization and COB. No profanity or inappropriate clothing and avoid featuring students in attire with other university logos (i.e. a student volunteering while wearing a KU t-shirt.)
  • Video
    • MP4 files required
      • Share via google docs or one drive
    • Keep all videos to 90 seconds or less (exceptions will be made for video wall content as appropriate). 60 seconds is the optimal time.
    • There is no sound on the screens. Be sure to add text so someone watching can understand your message without sound.
    • Keep in mind the professional nature of your organization and COB. No profanity or inappropriate clothing and avoid featuring students in attire with other university logos.

Where do I send my content?

Please send all content to Mary Grace Phillips,