COB Career Fair Student Policies



Prior to attending either the Accounting and/or Business Career Fair, students are required to participate in a Prepare for the Fair Workshop. The College of Business (COB) invites majors from Actuarial Mathematics, Computer Science and Economics to attend the Business Fair and those students are also required to attend the workshop.

The purpose of the workshop is to:

  • teach and polish professional skills necessary to navigate what will likely be a new experience.
  • outline the event details including the dress code requirement.
  • prepare students to not only represent themselves well, but also Missouri State University.


There will be no workshop waivers granted for the Fall 2021 Accounting and/or Business Career Fair. All students who wish to attend the Fall 2021 Accounting and/or Business Career Fair must complete a Prepare for the Fair workshop in calendar year 2021. 

Professional attire dress code


Professional attire is required of all students who attend the Accounting and/or Business Career Fairs in order to:

  • demonstrate to employers that Missouri State and the College of Business value professionalism.
  • encourage continued participation of employers by demonstrating the professionalism and advanced preparation of student participants.
  • assist students as they begin moving toward internship and full time position interviews by preparing them for the professional dress requirement held by many employers.


All students who attend the Accounting and/or COB Career Fair are required to wear appropriate professional attire as defined herein. All clothes should be tailored, in good condition, and wrinkle and lint free. Professional attire is defined as:

  • A suit jacket and pants / skirt in a coordinating color.
    • A suit jacket is required
  • Skirts and dresses should be knee length when standing and thighs covered while seated.
  • Shoes should be close-toe heel or dress shoes.
  • Generally, a tie is required with a suit coat and collared shirt.

Any student found failing to satisfy the professional attire dress code will be asked to leave the fair and return in more appropriate attire.

COB Suits4Students Scholarship Fund

The COB is able to provide professional attire for a limited number of participants with demonstrated financial need. Limited funding is available each year and participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Student eligibility

The student must:

  1. be a declared COB major (sophomore, junior, senior or graduate student)
  2. have a FAFSA on file, with demonstrated financial need, in the Financial Aid Office or if an international student, the Director of International Services recommendation of need.
  3. not have received a suit from COB in the past.
  4. request assistance via the COB Suits4Students Assistance Program Interest Form 

Applications are closed for the Fall 2021. 


If you need an accommodation to fully participate in either the Accounting and/or COB Career Fair event, please contact Mary Grace Phillips at or 417-836-6351. Missouri State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution.