Experiential Learning for Undergraduate Students

Engage in a class that includes Experiential Learning and gain real-work skills that will boost your abilities, and evaluate your career opportunities.

Here are just some of the Experiential Learning projects happening in the College of Business.

  • Students learn how to implement a component of a human resource manual including job descriptions, interview questions and employees evaluations in Dr. Wes Scroggins’ MGT 345:  Designing, Managing, & Evaluating Human Resource Management Programs.
  • In MGT 384: Entrepreneurship, students assess the viability of real business ventures by preparing a feasibility study.  The study includes an overview of the business and analysis of industry-level trends, a marketing assessment including competitor analysis, pricing and promotional strategies, an operations and management assessment including proposed locations, and a recommendation for the legal form of the business, and alternative strategies and suggestions for future business success.
  • The Class, MGT 440: Leadership Skill Development works with area businesses/organization to identify a project that a student consulting groups is able to set up a project scope and create a letter of agreement as in a “real world” consultation.   The class culminates with a report that includes research, review and recommendations that enhances the students’ understand of leadership challenges. 
  • Students work with a company to conduct a job analysis and develop job descriptions and/or assess training needs, and/or develop training programs for basic training in MGT 450: Human Resource Development with Dr. Wes Scroggins. 
  • Be involved in a consulting project assignment based on a strategic initiative that a company is considering in MGT 487: Strategic Management Policy with Dr Lori Peterson.  Student support the businesses in this strategy review and development process by developing strategies focused on proposed challenges and objectives.
  • Under Dr. Josh Coleman’s direction, students in MKT 354: Principles of Advertising work in groups that are assigned to a “real world” marketing project.  The students create three different media approaches and strategies for the company and deliver that in a report to the client. 
  • Instructor Courtney Phams’s MKT 360: Marketing Research classes work with local companies to further develop their products through survey product testing, and data analysis using different types of statistical tests.