Experiential Learning and Internships

What is Experiential Learning? 

experiential learning interns

Through Experiential Learning, MSU students are learning by doing.  Ollis, Akers Arney Insurance allowed students to connect the ideas they learned in the class room to a real world experience. 

The Missouri State University College of Business provides a unique opportunity for graduate student teams to work with companies to evaluate key business areas and create implementable business solutions in a semester based project class.  Each consulting project is specifically tailored to real-world challenges that the business is facing, enabling students to use their skills and education to provide the company with a plan to achieve success as it relates to their company and industry.

While specific skills will be required for projects, students will enrich their communication, teamwork, analytical, and presentation skills by navigating uncertainty and solving real-world business problems. 

Examples of Consulting Projects

  • Financial Analysis and/or Forecasting
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Product Assessment and Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Accounting and Budgeting System
  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Growth and Sales Plan
  • Feasibility Study for New Project, Service, or Location
  • Product assessment and evaluation with brand identity
  • Key performance indicators identification, analysis, and plan
  • Assessment and evaluation of current marketing strategies
  • New staff recruitment and employee training