COB Employer of the Day


The Employer of the Day program is a casual interaction opportunity between employers and students that allows an employer to build brand awareness on-campus. This is different from the Career Fair, a formal position-seeking event.


Employers will be charged based on Accounting/COB Career Fair attendance:

  • Employers that attend one or both COB Career Fairs: $100 per day. Priority date selection only guaranteed for those participants that register for this opportunity on the Accounting or COB Career Fair Registration Form. The $100 fee is non-refundable and must be paid upon registration.
  • Employers that do not attend a COB Career Fair: $150 per day. The $150 fee is non-refundable and must be paid upon registration.

Participation Includes

  • The choice between a virtual booth via Handshake or an information table in Glass Hall
  • An email advertising the employer visit to all applicable majors within the College of Business.
  • Extensive social media and display promotion within Glass Hall, including the 40 foot video wall located in the atrium prior-to and the day-of the event.
  • Exclusivity – only one company each day will have access to students.


The Employer of the Day Program will run during specific times of year when classes are in session. A specific calendar with available dates will be sent to all registrants.

  • Tuesday-Thursday only to maximize foot traffic/attendance.
  • Available the first two weeks of the fall semester then not available again until the week after the College of Business Career Fair.
  • No availability during finals week, intersession, the week of the University Career Expo, the week of Thanksgiving, summer semester, or any dates when classes are not in session.

For more information on this opportunity please contact Mary Grace Phillips, or complete the Employer of the Day Request Form.

Employer Policies